About me


I'm Laivi, an illustrator from Estonia but currently living in The Netherlands.

I love creating peaceful and dreamy atmospheres. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration and I try to go and explore woodlands, lakes, sea side, botanical gardens, parks and pretty much any natural places far and nearby as possible. I grew up in a very green little town, so I love the calm feeling that being in nature gives and I hope it reflects from my work, too.


Little Dream


"Little Dream" is a children's picture book written by Celeste Rankine and illustrated by Laivi Poder.

It tells a heartfelt story about a badger couple's long and difficult journey to grow their family. As the seasons roll by, the book shows the baby badger's adventures in the big beautiful world, until it's time to finally meet one another.

Flynn Heeft Stress


"Flynn Heeft Stress" is a children's book written by Tatum Cooper. The book tells a story about Flynn, a young boy who suffers from headaches and stomachaches due to stress. But what is stress?

As the story evolves, Flynn becomes more aware of the role stress plays in his life and what it means, as well as raising awareness among his friends to help them to understand him better.

The book will be released in 2020.

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